The summer heat is closing in on us, slowly we're seeing temperatures rise and we're feeling it. There are hundreds of ways for you to prepare for the blisteringly hot summer that's on its way to the Yakima Valley.

One big one is meal prepping, right now you're probably confused but I promise these cold meals will make a big difference in your summer. We've got five cold meals that will help you kick back and relax during the heatwave that's coming.

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5.) Frozen Peanut Butter&Jelly 

This may confuse you at first but I swear by these, the frozen peanut butter and jelly is the perfect way to cool off. One of the easier ways of doing this is getting uncrushable in the freezer section of any grocery store and stockpiling them in your freezer at home. The sweet and savory taste still hits the same while cooling you off from the inside out.

4.) Fresh Fruits

Fruits are not only good for you but the perfect treat to help you cool off, especially when frozen. You can always just leave the fruit in the fridge but freezing it brings out something different, a frozen pineapple popsicle will help you beat the heat while also filling your belly and cutting down on processed sugars.

3.) Salads

Some salads just aren't all that filling, but that just means you're not doing it right. There are millions of salad recipes on the internet with loads of different veggies, fruits, and meats that will stockpile your plate and give you a full meal. Salads are not only a great way to eat healthy but also cool off with cold veggies and fruits.

2.) Chicken Salad Sandwich

We talked bout salads and fresh fruits here's where you combined them for something tasty and will cool you off. The shredded chicken with mayo is your filler, so have some fun, add sliced grapes, fresh veggies, and a tasty bun to put it on. Not only is it refreshing but it's filled with great foods that will help you beat the heat.

1.) Smoothies

Smoothies are everyone's favorite because of the endless varieties of smoothies you can make. Sure you can buy them from plenty of places but nothing really beats a homemade smoothie. Stockpile some of those frozen fruits in the freezer isles of your local grocery stores, get your favorite juice and then all you'll need to do is add some ice. These are great for on the go or just cooling off at home.


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