Ever since my family moved to Yakima in 1977, probably the biggest complaint Ive heard is, "Why is there not a water park in the valley"? Tri-Cities has had incarnations over the years but none of them have ever sustained themselves for the long haul.

It might be high time (tide?) for that to change!
Could a legit water park FINALLY be coming to the Yakima Valley? According to one report, a surf park with man-made waves, could be coming at a location north of Moxee.

According to the report in the Yakima Herald-Republic, the park would cost around $30 million and could be ready for operation as soon as 2023. Approval from the county and other sate ecological agencies would be needed for the project to get the green light.

A website has already gone live on the web at SurfBarreled.com. It describes itself like this:
"No Waves No Glory - Hidden in the fields and orchards of the Yakima Valley, the premiere technology in artificial wave generation will find its newest home in Central Washington. Under the high-desert sun, Barreled will offer on-demand, customizable waves ranging in size up to 8 feet and rides as long as 20 seconds. The variety in wave size and shapes accommodates surfers from novice to expert. Our open park will highlight the pristine agricultural surroundings, while offering a unique, family-oriented recreational experience, thus far out of reach for the region."

The website also includes a link for people interested in becoming an investor in the project.

What do you think? Would it be a hit? I think people will flock there!
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