Some of the most spectacular weather events I’ve ever witnessed were during the summertime in Arkansas. My mother’s family lives there, and many family vacations were spent visiting relatives and enjoying the natural beauties that the state offers. When I saw the below videos, I was reminded of all those incredible memories!

The loud sounds of thunder vibrated the house and echoed throughout the wooden valley. Heavy downpours of rain that would last (for what seemed like) hours. The rain was warm, but when the wind would pick up, it stung as it hit you. It was all truly epic, but the most incredible part was seeing the lightning strikes.

So many variations of colors and strikes all across the sky. Luckily (to the best of my memory), no one was ever hurt in the storms I witnessed, and no property was ever severely damaged by the weather (during or after). It was scary and amazing at the same time.

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I’ve never witnessed anything quite like that up here in the Pacific Northwest, but it has come close. The YouTube channels ViralHog and 10 Tampa Bay uploaded a video (on their respective channels) in mid-May of Thunderstorms in the Central Desert and Western Oregon. It’s a beautiful and terrifying display of natural raw power! Check the videos out below!

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