Rule 34 states that if it exists, then there's porn of it. Well, for some things to exist properly, the porn industry has to go and help it along. And that is the case with Virtual Reality.

I have a VR system for my Playstation 4, I am a fan of the skin arts, so these two things mixed together is like a wet dream come true. When it comes to it, though, no one should really be surprised that the porn industry is leading the way. Back when media had important decisions to make like, releasing movies via VHS or Beta, it was the porn peeps who decided. Same thing with Blu-rays vs. HDDVD's.

Companies like Naughty America are the ones who are the movers and shakers. Since its first venture in to Virtual Spanktravision roughly 18 months ago, Naughty America has released 108 more, topping the world in VR content. If that's not saying anything, they became the first adult business allowed to operate a booth at the Las Vegas annual International Consumer Electronics Show in 19 years.

A videogame market research company named SuperData crunched the numbers, and back in 2016, more than 6.1 million VR headsets were sold worldwide. In December of 2016 alone, customers of Naughty America downloaded more than 20 million VR videos. Looks like the future is here ... and it's dirty.

Side note: Do you know how hard it is to take a selfie while not being able to see? I could have asked my wife to take one, but I was already dreading the conversation...
Wife: "Why do you have porn and the VR on?"
Me: "Uhh... it's for work!"

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