My wife and I were shopping at the grocery store, and as I was pushing the cart, I noticed she disappeared. Now, I'm usually the one who keeps an eye open for new things to try and write reviews about. Well, my wife's eagle eye caught something on a rack 3 isles over. She disappeared, grabbed them, and ninja-like slid them into the cart (as if I'd be mad). "So you can review it!" Riiiiiiiight!?!? That's the sole reason you grabbed Cotton Candy Oreos? Not because you like Oreos and are obsessed with Cotton Candy, but so I could review it? My wife looked at me with confidence and replied, "YUP!"


As always, this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for or against
this brand of cookies or any cookies. I purchased this bag of cookies with my own money (because my wife made me) and am reviewing them without compensation or promise of payment in any form. And no, I don't have a side gig working for any store or snack company!

Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies

Taste Test of Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies

If I have to pick my favorite cookie to eat, it's probably lemon sandwich cookies. Like the generic store brand Oreo-type sandwich cookie with lemon filling. Dunk those in milk, and I'm in fat-guy-paradise. This new, limited-time flavor Oreo… it's a cookie. It tastes like cotton candy. Yup, that's about it for me. It tastes like a good cookie.

open oreo cookies

A Second Opinion of Cotton Candy Oreo Cookies

My wife fell in love with these, and according to her, it was the best thing she has ever eaten (see if I ever cook for her again). Her only critique is how they should be double stuffed. I tried to have a second cookie, to which she gave me a death stare. I think she loved them. Especially since we went back to the store the next day and 2 more packages ninja'd into the cart.

Nutrition Oreo Facts

Should These Hang Around Longer Than A "Limited Time"?

Yes, if something like this can make my wife less grumpy, it should be around 365 days a year! That's my opinion! What's yours? Have you already tried them, or are you planning on it? Tap the App and let me know!

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