In the face of certain devastation, sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh. With Hurricane Florence on the eve of destruction, it is kind of great that we as humanity can still look at a weather map, and think how that looks like a giant penis and proceed to make jokes and comments. This is exactly what happened with The National Hurricane Updates Facebook Page posted a graph on Tuesday (can be seen at the link).

It didn't take long for the facebook page to realize what they had released on their page commenting: "But yeah, was a totally unintentional graphic."

The users and fans of the FB page added to the enjoyment and commentary with such posts as:

"Forget the milk and bread they need to stock up on lube!"

"If the coastline would just say it has a headache the hurricane will become a tropical depression...."

"Always wondered why it was called Morehead City...

&  my personal favorite...

"This storm will probably be finished before we even feel anything. They say 10 inches is expected, but we will most likely only get 3” and then have to clean up the mess it makes."

Their are many, many, more comments, and some that just had me saying out loud "Thank you, citizens of Earth... we still have a chance."



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