What's more fun than drawing obscene phallic objects in random places? Teaching a robot to draw them for you! That's exactly what "digital doodler" RichardRNN decided to create. Back in 2018 Google released the open-sourced the Quickdraw data set. “The world's largest doodling data set." Well, RichardRNN noticed that it was missing a certain category, so, taking matters into his own hands, he decided to have some fun. Take a long, hard, look at Dick-RNN!

For more on the technical aspects of it, you can check out Cornell University's paper or even give the dick coding a try (especially those of you who are handy with JavaScript) at  Dick-RNN's GitHub page. You might be thinking... "why"? Aren't we good enough to draw our own penises? Why do we need robots to do it for us? Well, according to RichardRNN, he believe that "Doodling a penis is a light-hearted symbol for a rebellious act” and also “think our moral compasses should not be in the hands of big tech” (i.e. Google not having a penis category). Drawing penises go as far back as the Romans, 1800 years ago, and now with advancements in artificial intelligence, who knows what the future will bring, we just better be careful not to get too cocky.




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