WARNING: If you have a hard time with animals being stuffed by a taxidermist, you might want to look away!

I've heard people say "oh, my pets are my hobby", but this is taking things to a whole new level. Meet Bart Jansen from the Netherlands. He's always been fascinated with death, but more to the point, of what is to become of the "shell" after death. Even at a young age, he was curious, especially after his grandmother died. He didn't see her body as "grandma" any more, grandma had moved on. Some would say that that's a healthy outlook, others would disagree. Well, this fascination stayed with him all the way into adult hood, and when his pet cat named Orville was hit and killed by a car, he wanted to do something special with his beloved pet, he wanted to make Orville like his namesake, Orville Wright He wanted to make his cat fly.

Bart, who was already a practiced taxidermist, worked with Arjen Beltman, an engineer in the Netherlands, to make sure his cat's death wasn't in vain. Introducing the "Orvillecopter". With four propellers, one in each paw, landing gear, and a motor in the kitty's back, they created the world's first flying dead cat!

But they didn't stop there, they've gone on to make the worlds first flying (dead or alive) ostrich, as well as the world's first badger submarine! It's gone on from there, allowing Bart & Arjen to make the Copter Company, that can turn your loved pet into a gravity defying pet plane of sorts. For more insight in what Bart does, you can take a look at the video below. All I know, is now I have a third option for when I die, burial, cremation, or copter-ization!

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