It's been almost a whole month since I moved to Yakima, finding the best burger joint in town was my first mission. I'm a bigger boy and I don't shy away from food, for me a classic Burger Joint is a must for any town. I got to looking around as soon as I passed the "Welcome to Yakima, The Palm Springs Of Washington." sign.

Before I get to my list of the five burger joints I've become obsessed with, I have to ask of any places I missed or some you think I need to try. I'm seriously on my knees begging you to hook a dude up!

Mel's Diner

I know this isn't technically a "Burger Joint" but let me tell you, the quality of burgers and fries at this place are next level. I ordered myself the patty melt because you can't go wrong with a classic. They put it on toasted rye bread and slapped it down with a side of amazing golden french fries. Excuse me I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I've gone back once or twice for take-out since then and I can say every burger is pretty up to snuff. This place is definitely a must-try for burger lovers.

Burger Ranch

This one I tried while still staying in the hotel after first moving here. We got ourselves some burgers with "all the fixins'" and pigged outback a the room where no one could witness the shame. But seriously these guys know their way around a burger and taking it to the next level. Burger Ranch is where you go on an empty stomach and back to sleep is where you might go after the meal. I know I slept like a baby after that meal.

Bob's Burgers & Brews Yakima

The first thing that catches my eye on a burger menu is usually in the M category for mushroom burgers, let me tell you when this thing got to the table I was in heaven. Dripping with sauteed mushrooms and cooked to juicy perfection, every bite was another adventure for the tastebuds. I'm going back sometime soon because there are several others I'm gonna need to try, like the Western Burger, Guacamole Bacon Burger, and Bob's Bonanza Burger! Honestly, I'll be going back to knock out every burger on that menu.

Miner's Drive-In Restaurant

My first true experience of burger joints in Yakima and a close runner for the best. I was in town looking for places to live when I got a text from my old man saying "You gotta get the Miner Burger it takes no prisoners." being extremely confused but intrigued, I made my way there. I ordered a Miner Burger with cheese and a small fry. Nobody told me this thing was going to be close to the size of my head! (I've got a big head.) When I reached in the bag for the fries, to my surprise this small fry came as a boat of fries! Trust me when I say I'm not complaining by any means, not only does this place load you up with food but at a really good price! Don't get me started on how amazing that burger is, I do however suggest you pace yourself otherwise you end up burping for ten minutes straight after engorging yourself...I speak from experience.


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