People have been obsessed with Guy Fieri for quite some time now, for some reason, he's never been to the Yakima Valley. The question is why? Why not come to the Valley and get a real taste of flavor town in Washington, we have some of the freshest food and are pros when it comes to the farm-to-table aspect.

So let's dive into it, we have three restaurants we know would knock Guy Fieri's flame socks off and really put Yakima on the map when it comes to delicious foods. Those who are from Yakima will recognize these three restaurants, but if you haven't eaten here I'd make a reservation after you're done reading. let's dive into it!

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3.) Second Street Grill

Second Street Grill isn't known for being fine dining, what they are known for is a fusion of flavors that will rock your tastebuds. Their menu is stocked full of different American classics like burgers, salads, chicken and waffle sandwiches and, not to mention their other choices like yakisoba, and steak bites, sorry I'm just thinking about the food at this point. But can you blame us, the food is some of the best Yakima has to offer and is cooked to perfection every time.

Second Street Grill

2.) Provisions 

The chefs at provisions truly take liberties with their dishes however, it's in a way that gives you a new experience with some of your favorites. The appetizer menu alone is stacked with fried brussels sprouts, garlic roasted mushrooms, and sweet and spicy pork belly. Get ready to have your mind blown with tastebud-pleasing flavors as you get to the full menu offering amazing dishes like brick oven pizzas, lamb burgers, and chicken parm pasta. Provisions take these dishes and truly make them their own. Check out their menu below!

Provisions Yakima Menu

1.) WaterFire

Chef Derrin came to make the best food they possibly could, and in our honest opinion, they succeeded. The menu does slightly change through the year, but it's meant to reflect the Yakima Valley and its strengths during different seasons of the year. One thing doesn't change though, no matter the time you go the food will always be amazing. Though their menu does change we have a few favorites like the 7oz Double Ranch Prime Top Sirloin or the Dungeness Crab Fried Rice. We'll let you choose your next dish, just check out the menu below.

WaterFire Menu

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