Let’s say you just won a lot of money, like $30k! You’re going to purchase some stuff you’ve needed to replace for a while. Like maybe a brand new mattress. Sweet! Well, how are you going to get rid of the old one? Well, with all the money you just won, you could hire a company to remove it! But let’s say the new mattress was at the end of your shopping spree, and you’re broke (or you never won the $30k, to begin with, and you have a mattress you must get rid of). What are you going to do then?

A lot of people try to donate the mattress (if it is in good condition). Some businesses, like Goodwill, WILL NOT accept mattresses anymore. Other places like the Salvation Army and Habitat For Humanity (Restore Store) may take them (you might want to call ahead first to make sure). Other places that you can look into would be local homeless and animal shelters or even domestic violence shelters.

The problem many people have is that they have no way to transport the mattress to the place they are donating it to (or to the dump). Some donation places will come and do a pick-up. But if you don’t have a truck, then your options are starting to run out. Below are our ideas on how to get rid of a mattress if you DO NOT HAVE A TRUCK!

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No Truck? Ideas To Get Rid Of A Mattress!

You need to get rid of a mattress, and you don't have a truck. What are you going to do? Well here are some LEGAL ways to get rid of a mattress.
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