With the KATS 2018 Pro Football Pick 'Em contest underway, brought to you by Yakima Steak Co., Todd and I have a little bet to see who will do better -- his knowledge of football, stats, teams and history, or my use of the dark arts ... i.e. a Magic 8 Ball. After the first two weeks, the Magic 8 Ball, didn't do horrible, going 19-13 with a 59.38% winning percentage. Definitely better than my brother in radio John Riggs (15-17). But I/Magic 8 Ball, so far, is Todd's biatch!

Week2 Standings

Now for previous weeks I've alternated how I asked. In Week 1, I asked the Magic 8 Ball (and powers that be) whoever the home team was, if they'd be victorious, and that's how I made my decisions. For Week 2, I asked if the visiting teams would be the winners. For week 3, I went back to asking if the home team will win and I'll continue to alternate.


You can follow along and play as well just by checking out The 2018 Pro Football Pick 'Em Contest!

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