With the KATS 2018 Pro Football Pick 'Em contest underway, brought to you by Yakima Steak Co., Todd and I have a little bet to see who will do better -- his knowledge of football, stats, teams and history, or my use of the dark arts ... i.e. a Magic 8 Ball. After the first four weeks, the Magic 8 Ball, didn't do horrible, rising in percentage from last week sitting at 37-26 with a 58.73% winning percentage. Definitely better than my brother in radio John Riggs (25-38) & finally passing our radio brother from the country station Gunner (25-38). But I/Magic 8 Ball, so far (from the looks all of Yakima), is still Todd's biatch!


Now for previous weeks I've alternated how I asked. Odd Weeks I ask if the Home Team will win, and Even Weeks I ask if it'll be the visiting team. How I ask, simple, "Oh Magic 8 Ball, will _____________ defeat ______________." Here's my/Magic 8's Week 5 pick em's! Check out previous weeks below.


You can follow along and play as well just by checking out The 2018 Pro Football Pick 'Em Contest! Your chance at a $50 gift card to Yakima Steak Co. and a $400 Visa Gift Card at the end of the season!

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