Every weekday morning, Todd & Timmy tell you a tale, pulled from the back pages of today's fine publications. These tales are a little "F'd Up!" Well, as heard on the Todd & Timmy Show segment, "Daily Dose of WTF!", we have the story all the way from a woodland area of England. We don't even have the story, but the video (below) of a Creepy Doll Altar!

An unnamed, 64 year old woman came across the disturbing site in late January in a forested area known as Cannock Chase located in Staffordshire, England. The spot she was exploring (as a way to get a nice break from the strict coronavirus lock-down that is currently going on in her area)  was once believed to be the grounds of a hospital and eventually a small village for local miners.  Now it's become a eerie shrine to destroyed & discarded dolls. The mother of two, commented to the Black County Live, "As I dug through the undergrowth I saw these dolls, they were in some sort of order. Their dresses were all raggedy and they were all tied and nailed to the trees."

The first time she was in the land of misfit toys, was in a way nightmarish for her. But upon a 2nd visit, she felt less scared and that it was a kind of shrine to the people who lived before her. She "talked to the dolls and wished the children who used to live in the mining village eternal rest." The original purpose of the "Miss Molly Macabre" is still unknown. Whether it is a connected to witchcraft, or a prank, or indeed a shrine, we may never know.

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