I'm doing some home remodeling and one of the projects is replacing all of our old carpets. We've lived in the the house (that was built in the mid 70's) for a little over 5 years. We've saved up our money, and started doing the work. Our living room was nothing out of the ordinary. The carpet got cut into pieces and pulled it up and ripped it out. Bam, normal looking pad & sub-floor. Got to our dining room to pull up the same carpet, and what the hell! Instead of the pad, this carpet was just placed over an epic eye killer of 70's nostalgia! I did what most people would do, I took a picture, took some eye bleach and proceeded to get rid of the trippiness before I fell over. The picture (above) I posted to social media, I got many comments. Here are a few:

Cheryl Parthemer "I think you should use it to make a suit!"
Randy Beckstead "That old carpet is the gift that keeps on giving. It has already left a lasting imprint on my mind. We have some of that same stuff on the farm."
Randi J. Schneider "Not just any carpet. 1970’s porn den carpet lmao"
Nikki Cook "Hey man! That's vintage!!"
Brian D Teegarden "1970s kitchen carpet. Cool!"
Randy Root "HAHAHA"
Jennifer Williams "That carpet is bomb"
Lee Vervoort "Groovy"
Todd Lyons "It's cool that back in the 60's & 70's carpet manufacturers would hire schizophrenics on their design team!"
Genie Connel "That older carpet is a keeper :-)"

Well, no I didn't keep the carpet. Not even a piece of it. It is gone, in the dumpster, off to the acid flashback in the sky. But don't worry people, and lovers of all things "old is new again"... my laundry room is still a set piece from That 70's Show!


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