How often have you told your spaz of a dog to "take a chill pill"? But then, when you actually have a pill to try and get them to chill, they don't want to eat it. So you have to hide it in peanut butter, and then your dog is wise and just eats around it, so then you have to be smart, crush up the pill, and put it in chunky peanut butter, all to get your dog to relax. Well, now there's an option to cut out the middleman.

I'm not advocating drugs for your pet; by all means, do your own research, talk to your vet, and make your own decision about what is right for your fuzzy family member, but we all know that when Fido gets out of hand, someone could get hurt (including Fido).

The fine folks at Honest Paws have released a peanut butter for your pet, which is infused with CBD to help calm your K9.

"Our specially formulated CBD Peanut Butter for dogs is a delicious and healthy snack that is designed to keep your dog feeling their best."
– Honest Paws

According to their website, the Peanut Butter is all-natural and made with US-grown, full-spectrum hemp and is safe and healthy for your dog. It helps with calming your pet's behavior problems and also provides cognitive support for dogs of all sizes and ages.

Are you interested in this for your pet? Will you be getting it? If your dog digs it, would YOU try it? Tap the App and let us know.

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