Do you ever pass a bumper sticker that makes you do a double-take?

One that is not obscene, political, religious, or even all that funny. It just is!

That is the type of sticker I recently saw on the back of a Nissan Altima in Yakima, Washington.

At first, I laughed, and then I asked my wife, “What is the Pizza Ferret?

A ferret with a chef hat in front of a pizza

I’m a fan of pizza! I love all of them!

And even a few that we’ve lost, like Pizza Pete’s, Mr. C’s, and Sharky’s Pizza! (to name a few).

But what is the Pizza Ferret Pizzeria?

bumper sticker on a white car
tsm/Timmy! - Canva

My child is the Pizza Ferret Pizzeria Customer of the Month – May 1986

If this bumper sticker is legit, then kudos to the manufacturer for making a sticker that has lasted 38 years!

Kudos (or I’m sorry) to the kid for eating so much Pizza that he’s rewarded with a “Customer of the Month” award/sticker.

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But what is the Pizza Ferret? To the best of my ‘googling’ abilities, I didn’t turn up anything.

Did or does this place still exist? Is it a joke bumper sticker mocking proud honor roll parents?

bumper sticker on a car, with a drawing of a ferret.
tsm/Timmy! - Canva

If you know, tap the app and share your knowledge of Pizza and or ferrets and their combined might!

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