Praise God and Mary Jane! How would you like to go to a church that celebrates love, happiness and cannabis? Well, a new church is starting in Indiana called "The First Church of Cannabis!"The church is an unexpected result of Indiana's controversial new Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which conservative leaders pushed into law earlier this year despite objections from opponents who argued that it targeted LGBT people. But If your religion is smoking weed -- whether it is legal or not -- maybe you're not so outraged by the law.

The 'First Church of Cannabis' will be opening on July 1. The church's congregation -- “Cannabiterians” -- is already 700 strong.

Bill Levin is the man behind the idea of the church. Here's how he explains it:

“‘We’re going to do all the good things that churches do. Celebrate life, love, compassion and good health,’ Levin said. ‘Everyone is going to leave in a happy, spiritual, healthy way.’

Why in the hell hasn't Washington done this yet? I see this happening within the next year in our area! Praise love and weed! HA! Too funny!

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