My wife has gotten me started watching a FOX TV show called 9-1-1: Lone Star. I'm not sure why it appeals to me, but I will admit, that Rob Lowe is my spirit animal (I don't know what that means, but man if I could hand pick a celebrity to be related to me, I'd love for Mr Lowe to be my uncle). I bring all of this up because the last episode I watched, a firetruck was stolen. Now it was stolen with good reason, to go behind the fire lines to rescue Rob Lowe's character Owen Strand... and like I said, if Rob Lowe was a family member, I'd steal a fire truck to save him too! Now, there were no repercussions to their actions... at least not that we saw. It could have happened between episodes, but it probably wouldn't be that entertaining. But just because it wasn't on TV, doesn't mean it wouldn't happen in real life! Just ask Cory M. Fisher!

As heard on "Your Daily Dose of WTF" with Todd & Timmy, an ambitious 30-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida decided to try his own 9-1-1: Lone Star stunt, although we're pretty sure he wasn't trying to save anyone. Mr. Fisher stole the firetruck from a Jacksonville Fire Department station and as he was attempting to make his get away, he hit a street sign as the truck was attempting a turn. Well, as you can imagine, police caught him, they could just follow the path of damage I'm sure, and not only, according to a report, did he get charged with unlawful possession of a firetruck as well as criminal trespass, but with it being an expensive firetruck, that bumped it up to a pretty pricey felony the status of theft over $500,000! If that wasn't good enough, Mr. Fisher's drivers license was suspended. He was able to get into the truck while it was outside the fire station, left running while crews were doing their inspections on the vehicle. At least he has a great "bar story".

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