As heard on "Your Daily Dose of WTF" with Todd & Timmy, a 23-year old Italian healthcare worker was accidentally injected with 6 doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine! Upon realizing the mistake, the nurse who injected her informed the patient, hospital staff as well as the patient's family. Luckily the patient seems to be okay, but it does bring up the question... how did this happen?

When I first read this story, I was confused. Did she have memory problems? Got her first shot, and then forgot and went in for another one, and another one, and another one? Was she possibly unconscious, and multiple nurses read her chart and did the boo boo? Did she just feel the "double up effect" was needed, and took it to the extreme? What exactly happened, is in a way a little scarier, and understandable. According to a CNN report, the nurse made a mistake, and wasn't paying attention when she filled and injected a full syringe into the patient, which contained 6 doses. The nurse noticed 5 empty syringes and realized her mistake. The patient was watched around the clock for 24 hours, and eventually released from the Noa hospital in Tuscany, Italy, in good health.

I can't imagine getting 6 doses of the vaccine and being okay. After I got my first one, I had a killer migraine for 24 hours. My wife had her arm ache for a week after. My brother, who got his first shot at the same time I did, had a headache and sore arm from the first injection, but the 2nd dose, wiped him out big time. 24 hours of fever, chills, sweating, vomiting, muscle aches. I posted about my experiences with the vaccine, in case you are still on the fence about if the vaccine is for you. If you need more information on where to go to get a vaccine, plenty of info at theYakima Health District Website.

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