Abandoned Yakima

2020 Fresh Hop Ale Fest Officially Canceled
While it really shouldn't come as much of a surprise these days, it still stings every time we find out another concert or event gets canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The latest to officially announce that they are shuttering for 2020? The Fresh Hop Ale Festival.
Yakima IS Beautiful! We Have Proof!
Having lived in the Yakima Valley since 1977, I feel like I can speak to the "Yakimentality", as I call it, that is very self-defeating. A newly-founded Facebook group is bucking to prove otherwise.
Exploring Smitty's Conoco #AbandonedYakima
At first, we weren't sure if this place was closed as the sign on the window stated that it was "closed for construction ..." However, a couple of months have passed and the building is still empty -- with no sign of activity.

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